Ready? Music & Diversity Sensitivity

Mortgage lending influences segregation as described in Ken Burns’ documentary “New York.” Scholars are now exploring this in light of the recent mortgage credit boom, but this practice has a long legacy.

My small town where I grew up in the 1980′s was segregated, but music was a way we could bypass this legacy of oppression to connect with our neighbors. My brother and I were great fans of all sorts of music including rap and hip hop. I recall my older brother introducing me to NWA and rap from Compton, but I preferred the more “easy-listening” of the West Coast All Stars “We’re All in the Same Gang.”

In “The Home Run that Tours America” The juxtaposition of the song “People Get Ready” in an economic context with a political context stems from how as children we sought to understand the legacy of oppression in our neighborhoods. There is actually a small monument in my small town that reads “People Get Ready” that helped inspire the book. Check out the YouTube video I made below using the free Creative Commons music and clips.

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