Action – Part One

While writing “The Home Run that Tours America,” I tried to decide how I could create a poetic motif in descriptions of states throughout the book without compromising the uniqueness of the states while coupling that motif with American ideals.

I recalled reviews of Walt Whitman and decided the best motif to use for these characters was action.

All the characters in “Joe Seaver” use actions to describe the places they like rather than static description.

In “The Home Run that Tours America”I wanted there to be a poetic rhythm to the story, almost like a melody to the different interactions the characters have with people in their environment. Rather than use a repeating phrase, I chose to make each character talk about the state they like with verbs. They describe the different states in terms of action.

In addition to a poetic motif in the story, this is also representative of American ideology: action and work. The American metaphor of “pulling oneself up by one’s bootstraps” is more than indicative of upward mobility; it is a metaphor of action that I think is uniquely American.


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