These books about baseball, fishing, and climate change build unique worlds and characters, but through all these stories runs one theme: young people seeking and defining the morale to survive a future of unprecedented challenge and opportunity.
This is not the type of morale that bears allegiance to a particular creed; this is the morale to survive, build communities, thrive, and overcome prejudices while challenged by unprecedented circumstances.
All of these characters see, sense and/or experience the current and impending major changes in culture, climate, and politics. They seek wisdom from their peers, history, teachers, and family, but in the end, they must translate the lessons for themselves, determine who they are, forge ahead, and define where they stand in this changing world.
As scientists warn of impending coastal calamity, poverty and education gaps widen, and humanity grows both mistrustful and in love with technology, these stories describe the wisdom, character and courage to survive and thrive in this new world.
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