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WordPress.org is one of the most functional, user-friendly, and efficient ways to build a website. This website was built in one week using WordPress. WordPress is also the most easily integrated program with all major web hosts. I purchased my url through Godaddy and their site allowed me to integrate WordPress with the click of the button–no complicated coding was required.

WordPress also offers numerous free downloads of plugins. Many of these plugins are not available through wordpress.com. What’s the difference between the two sites?

WordPress.com hosts and manages your site. You manage the site through their server. WordPress.org is integrated with a url you can purchase through godaddy or another provider. You then follow their steps to select wordpress, download a template through wordpress.org, upload the template and then use the same system management available through WordPress.com. The main difference? WordPress.org offers more plugins and ways to personalize and customize your site.

As a web and graphic designer I have worked with several programs; while all have their benefits, WordPress.org is the best program for someone seeking to create an affordable personal or business site (most features have no cost at all) that they can manage on their own.

Cost-free programs like this are empowering. People often gripe about advertisements or costly upgrades, but what they overlook is how programs like WordPress.org democratize the internet; in fact, I would argue that the internet is one of the greatest tools for people to “pull oneself up by their bootstraps.”

Anyone can create a site with WordPress.org for less than $20 per month. Anyone can create a site on wordpress.com for no cost at all. In doing so, a person can create a platform and share their knowledge and research, as well as create employment opportunities for themselves and their community.

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