Disaster Relief School Programs – Challenge-Based Learning

Australia is a country leading the way in integrating disaster relief education programs into their schools. These courses empower students to respond to disasters and help their neighbors heal from disasters.

In the edudemic video linked below, students in Australia use a “challenge-based” learning model to create solutions in disaster response. In addition to fundraisers and other activities, students create response models.

This is an impressive video and what I admire about the attitude is a proactive, empowering approach to disaster response education in schools as opposed to a reactive approach.

Of course, American schools provide messages of good will and hope to other schools in times of disasters just like the students in this video. However, these educators appear to take the programs further. These students are harnessing technology and learning real leadership skills in disaster response.

In my opinion, this is a program that should be instituted across America.


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