Dolphin Summer Vacation

In 2008 dolphins took a summer vacation in New Jersey’s Navesink River, feasting on plentiful fish stocks. The dolphins were an unusual site and tourist attraction, but fears arose when temperatures dropped, the river began to freeze, and the dolphins did not leave. Months later news reports showed dolphins retrieved from the shore; many of the same dolphins cheered by tourists and residents drowned over the winter, never swimming back out to sea like their bait. (Read more in this New York Times article.)


I grew up near the Navesink River and spend a lot of leisure time at the sights nearby: Hartshorne Trails, Red Bank cafes, Sandy Hook, and Rumson-Fair Haven. I was also a spectator watching the dolphins from the nearby Oceanic Bridge that spans the Navesink in the summer of 2008. The dolphins were beautiful, and I wondered about the complicated social and political dynamics surrounding the dolphins plight: while the dolphins were certainly a great sight and celebrated tourist attraction, they were in peril. I decided to examine this concept more thoroughly in my book “How to Build An Impossible Bottle.”
“How to Build An Impossible Bottle” tells the story of one young man’s struggle to make peace with the dolphins near his home. One young girl becomes a personification of the dolphins.
Stay tuned for more on this story . .

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