Fashion Week for Athletes!

As Fashion Week in New York City winds down, take a look at the hottest fashions you won’t see on the runway this year. Instead, these styles will be getting attention on athletic fields and basketball courts across the United States. You might even see one at your next bachelorette party or charity event. What’s even cooler? These duds are guaranteed to represent one of your favorite brands: your team! Get yours now at

Screen Shot 2013-02-06 at 12.40.04 is one of the coolest websites out there if you are looking for custom shirts or gear to build excitement for your brand, company, group, or team. They are affordable, user-friendly, and stylish. Their free widgets are also super friendly to design pros and amateur web designers alike.

Custom Design Made Easy

Before visiting I fretted that designing my own custom shirt would be a challenge. However, within five minutes on I had dozens of professional styles for my shirts and a link to my own custom store where I could earn a percentage of sales. Plus their friendly, familial customer service makes business easy and enjoyable. I sent them a complimentary email on their site and within 24 hours I received a coupon for a discount on my next order.

Free Tools to Make Your Design, Concept & Brand Better!

The user-friendly platform of can make your brand and concept even better. Experiment with different designs on their site to build your brand.That’s how I improved the t-shirt for the longest home run concept by inventing a style sure to attract attention: “NJ – CA”.

What’s  NJ-CA? The concept of the longest home run is based on my book “The Home Run That Tours America” where a home run travels from New Jersey to California inspiring its characters to learn patriotism.’s user-friendly design platform allowed me to summarize my book in the NJ-CA design. It was a simple design I knew would attract interest. Their site can do the same for your brand.

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