Diversity in the 2013 Little League World Series

Earlier this year Major League Baseball announced a study of the lack of diversity in the MLB.

As a social institution, Major League Baseball has an enormous social responsibility to provide equal opportunities for all people, both on and off the field,” Selig said in a statement.


Perhaps MLB needs to look closer at the 2013 Little League World Series for some answers?

In watching the LLWS for the past few days, many of the teams are not diverse and not reflective of the regions they represent. In fact, many of the commercials aired during the LLWS like Frosted Flakes respect America’s diversity far more than the LLWS itself.

What does this reveal about recruiting practices in Little League, and further, what does this reveal about our neighborhoods and towns in America?

In my book “The Home Run That Tours America: People Get Ready,” I look at diversity in America through the lens of baseball. The book also works to provide an intro for teachers to begin a discussion of the Civil Rights Movement, American history, government and politics in their classrooms.

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