Nowadays it seems like technology or other developments are constantly creating unprecedented circumstances in the news. For example, evolution in medicine or the internet pose seemingly unprecedented challenges and opportunities daily.

I want to hear these stories and stories that confront them. What are you witnessing that appears to mark a precedent in your field, community, research or life? What can you do now (build a website?) that you could never do before that has improved your life or your community?

I also want to hear stories that confront the idea that everything is changing and many current events are unprecedented. Some people say, “the more things change the more things stay the same.” What’s the same? What do you think will never change? Why do you think something actually has precedents in world history when others disagree?

Also, do you see trends that suggest people are resisting these unprecedented advancements? For example, I noticed that in this day of ipods and other tech tools one of the most iconic instruments of our decade is the bow and arrow, spurred by books like “The Hunger Games.” Do you see similar trends of people looking for old-fashioned solutions?

There’s one requirement:

Each story must also include an example of how people overcome these challenges with morale, courage and character. How did you adapt to these circumstances? What inspiration did you draw from? What precedent or history helped you manage? What distinguishes these achievements?

If accepted:

Please send a brief email query. All queries will be responded to unless they get sent to spam. If you do not hear back within four weeks, please email again. Thank you!

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