Your Vision Brought to Life!

What’s amazing about Pinterest for anyone with a vision for their organization?

Do you have a vision for your idea, book, company, or organization? Try Pinterest! Pinterest is the incredible and elegant social website that allows users to create their own pinboards and pin pictures from anywhere on the web.

Besides being fun, creative, and just plain cool, Pinterest is an amazing resource for artists and communicators in any profession. Pinterest allows you to bring your vision to life quickly and alluringly.

Want to communicate to others what your book might look like as a movie? Try Pinterest. Want to communicate to your employees the vision for your company? Pinterest is one of your greatest resources. You do not need to be a professional artist or have a budget to create a beautiful pinboard that shares your idea. All you need is a vision for where you want your idea to go!

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Pinterest brought the Longest Home Run to Life!

I created pinboards for two of my forthcoming books “The Home Run That Tours America” and “How to Build an Impossible Bottle.” Before creating these boards, the characters, scenery, and images lived only in my imagination. After assembling the pinboard for my stories, I was able to articulate my project much better. I was also able to send a link to my pinboard to people interested in my books. Sure it’s terrific to read a pitch for your idea, but what is cooler than also being able to show your vision in a stunning array of links from the web that truly places your idea in a social and historical context?

Creating a Pinterest pinboard is affirming your project’s place in universe! A visitor can skim my Pinterest board in only seconds and get a great idea for where my project is going. They can also gain quick links to resources for them to write about my books for their newspaper articles, journals, and school papers.

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Incredible Tools for Amazing Teachers

In fact, Pinterest is growing into one of the best resources for teachers. One of the best and most inspiring reflections of teacher’s commitment to their professions and their students is the amount of independent labor they do to make their classrooms beautiful and create cool worksheets for their students. My teacher friends spend a lot of time at the end of summer before school starts decorating their classrooms, and they keep their walls alive with cool, timely projects all year long.

The even more incredible fact about these teachers? They spend their own money on these decorations and basic school supplies. See this recent ABC story that describes the amazing out-of-pocket expense that teachers contribute to their classrooms: Teachers Spend Own Money for Supplies

What is so amazing about Pinterest’s role in the classroom? Pinterest is poised to help improve teacher resources. What’s better than being able to network with teacher’s across the country to get cool ideas for your classroom? What could help save teacher’s valuable time more than access to their fellow teacher’s worksheets, pictures of their classrooms, and templates? Pinterest offers all that and more!

Best Practices for Pinterest

Review the Pinterest board for Learning Unlimited LLC.  Check out the incredible array of free resources they offer for teachers. They have worksheets, ideas for word walls, and templates. All available for free. Their Pinterest board offers an incredible example of how Pinterest can revolutionize learning tools for teachers.

Learning Unlimited’s Pinterest board is what I envision for my books. Next to my books in the future, you will see examples of worksheets, word walls, and templates. All of these resources will be available for free download for teachers. Plus, teachers will be able to click on links within my book boards for more in depth access to articles about my book’s themes.

Pinterest is an incredible resource for students too. The board offers a higher level of transparency so students can understand a teacher’s overall vision. They can see an assignment, but also get a better understanding of why it is important for them to understand those concepts from their teacher’s perspective. It helps students get a grasp of a project’s place in the learning spectrum.

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